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Pickwick Books

Pickwick Books is our newest imprint where non-traditional non-fiction writers can share the fruits of years of research.

Our books are a mixture of biography, history, travel writing, and memoir. It is non-fiction that is factual without being academic, literary without being pretentious, readable without being condescending. More importantly, we tell stories rather than recite dates, relate history that until now has been untold, and share the passion of our authors along with their considerable knowledge and research.

Pickwick Books

The Man Who Owned a Wonder of the World

The Man Who Owned a Wonder of the World — Abridged Edition

Explore Chichén Itzá

Mystery Lane Press

Mystery Lane Press is true crime with a twist. Sprinkled among the tales of murder, crime, and scandal are stories told with intelligence, wit, and a healthy dose of "can you believe it?"

Ten years ago we began with Cape Cod Confidential, a history of crime and scandal in America's playground. We recently republished that book and over the next few years will offer new volumes in the series.

Mystery Lane Press Books

Cape Cod Confidential

Cape Cod Babylon