A home for passion projects of every stripe!

Building a better world, one letter at a time.

Writers need a place to write. That’s why we created Bohlin Carr, a small, friendly company where passionate writers can get their words published.

There are a lot of small presses publishing fiction, poetry, or niche non-fiction. We felt there had to be a place where writers could publish their passion projects of non-fiction, even if it doesn't quite fit into any particular category.

We launched Pickwick Books, an imprint where non-traditional non-fiction writers can share the fruits of years of research. We launched Mystery Lane Press as a place to publish true crime and mystery.

Bohlin Carr also offers a variety of editorial services, writing words at the service of our clients.

If you would like to contact Bohlin Carr, drop us an e-mail at info@bohlincarr.com.